Welcome to First Grade Online Student Resources!

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Level Chinese Online Platform Guide

We recognize that each district has different resources in supporting online students. While this departs from standard immersion practice, we are attempting to make it as engaging, effective, and meaningful as possible for your children. Given the circumstances, a bit more flexibility is required when it comes to 1st Grade.
We anticipate that most 1st graders will have a parent learning alongside them, so are designing the curriculum accordingly. A parent guide will be included in each lesson of the online curriculum that will soon be available on Canvas. English will be used to provide clear instructions for all activities so that they can be done by students and parents together.
Specific Advantages to Online Learners
  • Parent Guide so you know what your child is learning and can learn along with them
  • Opportunity for unlimited repetition of language models and material (via video)
  • Smaller learning increments = less overwhelming for students
  • Heavier emphasis on cultural contexts
  • Inclusion of social language contexts suitable for at-home learning
Current plans are for a 15-20 minute daily lesson focusing on oral language and building into literacy skills. We welcome feedback as we go along and look forward to working with you throughout the 2020-2021 school year!
Please watch this website for updates on the Distance Learning curriculum for all grades, and we hope that this is an enjoyable experience for you all!
Stacy Lyon, Director
Utah Chinese Dual Language Immersion