Third Grade Unit 1 Lesson 4

Lecture free icon 第一周第四课:钓鱼 Fishing

Learning free iconCalendar Time 日历时间:


 Learning Intentions 中文目标:

  • 1. 我可以说今天和昨天是哪一年几月几日星期几,天气是什么。
  • 2. 我可以用“首先,然后”写故事的开始和中间。
  • 3. 我可以自己读课文。
  • 4. 我可以按正确的笔画顺序写“每天,学会了”,我可以写句子。
  • 5. 我可以找到有声母是n和l的中文。

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1. I can say the today’s date and describe today’s weather.

2. I can use the sequencing word “At first, and then” to summarize the beginning and middle of the story.

3. I can read the story independently.

4.  I can write “每天,学会了” using correct stroke order, and I can use the words to make sentences.

5. I can find the characters that have the beginning sound ‘n’ and ‘l’.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

1. 老师做👩‍🏫 Teach

First Video: Learning objectives

Second Video: Teacher-guided retelling the beginning and middle of the story with writing support: 

Third Video: Teacher models independent reading

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

1. 打电话给你的朋友,和他一起读课文。 Call /Face time one of your friends, read the story to your friend, or do a role play reading with your friend.

Reading page: 钓鱼 reading fluency

Daily Writing:

writing journal page-template

writing journal page-sample

Learn how to say the name of strokes with the video, and practice writing pinyin for the phrase with the teacher.

句子 Use the word to make a sentence:


例子Example: 我每天都上中文课和英文课。


例子Example: 我学会了说中文和写中文。

Think free iconPinyin Learning 拼音学习:

和老师一起找一找有n 和l 的中文。Let’s find characters that have the beginning sound ‘n’ and ‘l’ together. 

Share 分享:

和你的家人一起看这个视频:十二生肖 Share this video with your family : Chinese Zodiac Animals.

想一想Think about:

1. 每个中文代表什么动物?Which animal does each character represent?

2. 十二生肖里有猫吗?为什么? Is there a Cat in the Chinese Zodiac? Why?