3rd Grade Unit 2 Lesson 6

Lecture free icon 第二周第六课:机器人 Robot

Learning free iconCalendar Time 日历时间:

 Learning Intentions 中文目标:

  • 1. 我可以说今天是哪一年几月几日星期几。
  • 2. 我可以用句子回答万圣节🎃的5个问题。
  • 3. 我可以看MMX书📖的封面说一说故事里有谁,在哪里,什么时候,做什么。
  • 4. 我可以画一画书里的故事是什么。
  • 5. 我可以和老师一起找一找有g和k的中文。

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1.I can say today’s date.

2. I can answer 5 questions about Halloween.

3. I can look at the cover picture of a book and think about the characters, setting and plot of the story.

4. I can draw my own story based on the cover picture.

5. I can find characters that have the beginning sound g and k.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

1. 老师做👩‍🏫 Teach

First Video: Learning Objectives 


Second Video: Teacher Guided Pre-Reading Questions

Third Video:  Teacher Guided Cover Talk

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

1. 听故事:皮特猫 纸杯小蛋糕不见了。回答问题:小蛋糕为什么不见了?

Listen to the story, ‘Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes’, and answer the question: Why are the cupcakes missing?

2. After the teacher-guided discussion of the cover picture, you can use a white board or 4 square template to draw your own story.

4 square template- story sequencing

Daily Writing 写字练习:

Workbook writing pages:Lesson 6


Think free iconPinyin Learning 拼音学习:

和老师一起找一找有g和k的中文。Let’s find characters that have the beginning sound g and k together. 

Share 分享:

1. 和你的家人一起看:早餐,你喜欢吃什么?和你的家人说一说你早餐喜欢吃什么。Share this story with your family and tell your family what you like to eat for breakfast.