3rd Grade Math – Topic 14 Area


Topic 14 Math Guide
Area and Perimeter Pals
Draw the quadrilateral
Find the area
Find the area 2
Find the area 3
Find the area 4
Find the area 5
Find the area 6
Find the area 7
Find the area 8
Find the missing side
Find the missing side 2
Find the perimeter and area
Find the perimeter and area 2
Find the perimeter of the object
Find the perimeter
Fraction review
Topic 14


14-1 Covering Readings

14-2 Area and Units

14-3 Standard Units

14-4 Area of Squares and Rectangles

14-5 Area and the Distributive Property

14-6 Problem Solving- Solve a Simple Problem

14-7 Area of Irregular Shapes

14-8 Same Area, Different Perimeter

14-9 Equal Areas and Frictions

14-10 Problem Solving – Selecting Appropriate Measurement Units and Tools