Second Grade Unit 2 Lesson 6

Lecture free icon 第二周第六课:颜色 Colors

 Learning Intentions 中文目标:


2. 我可以说一说不同的颜色的中文。

3. 我可以按照正确的笔画顺序写:红色,蓝色,白色。

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1. I can read the vocabulary in “My Family” independently and fluently.

2. I can match the colored picture with the correct characters.

3. I can write 红色,蓝色 and 白色 using correct stroke order.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

1. 阅读练习:Reading Fluency Practice 

Fluency paper: 家人fluency practice

Practice with teacher: 和老师一起读

2. 唱歌:Colors Song


First Video: Learning objectives and Vocabularies

Second Video: Build on conversational skill

Learning free icon Engage 你做:


Daily Writing 写字练习:

Character Writing Worksheet: 红蓝白Character writing

Learning how to say the name of strokes with the video.

Share 分享:

1. 教你的家人说不同的颜色。Teach your family how to say different colors in Chinese.

2. 和你的家人一起唱颜色歌。 Sing the colors song with your family.