2nd Grade Unit 2 Lesson 10

Lecture free icon 第二周第十课:写作文-介绍家人喜欢的颜色和宠物的颜色

Write a paragraph introducing family members’ favorite colors and the color of your pet.

 Learning Intentions 中文目标:

1. 我可以写出完整的句子介绍我的家人喜欢什么颜色。句型:我家有___口人。我的____喜欢___色。我的____喜欢___色。我的____喜欢___色。我的宠物是___色。

2. 我可以读出我写的“我的家人喜欢什么颜色”的作文。

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1. I can write a paragraph to introduce my family. Use sentence frame:

I have ____ family members. My ___ likes ____ (color), my ____ likes ____ (color), and my ____ likes ____ (color). My pet is____ and ______.

2. I can read my paragraph out aloud.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

老师做:Learning objectives and instruction for writing practice.

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

复习:颜色 Review color vocabularies

picture matching worksheet L10

Match characters with pictures and read aloud. Try to complete this activity by yourself first and check with teacher’s video.

Teacher Video:

Daily Writing 写字练习:

1. Blank writing paper: Paragraph Writing L10

2. 句型和模版 sentence frames:

  • 我家有____口人。
  • 我的____喜欢___色。
  • 我的____喜欢___色。
  • 我的____ 喜欢___色。
  • 我的_____是____色。

3. 中文帮助 word bank/word wall:

4. 老师做: Writing sample from teacher


Share 分享:

1. 和你的家人读一读你写的“介绍家人”的作文 Read the paragraph you wrote to your family.