4th Grade Unit 1 Lesson 4

Lecture free icon 第一周第四课:不想睡觉 Don’t Want To Go To Bed

Learning free iconQuick Write 快速写作:




 Learning Intentions 中文目标:

  • 1. 我可以回答快速sù写作✏️的问题。
  • 2. 我可以用“首先,然后,然后和最后”写出课文的大意。
  • 3. 我可以自己独立读课文。
  • 4. 我可以用“睡不着,上午”造句。

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1.  I can answer the question for the Quick Write.

2. I can use the sequencing words :At first, then, and then and finally, to retell the story.

3. I can read the text independently.

4. I can use “睡不着,上午” to make a full sentence.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

1. 老师做👩‍🏫 Teach

First Video: Learning Objectives

Second Video: Teacher models how to retell the story

Writing support:Retell story-Main idea writing

Third Video: Practice reading with teacher, then practice reading aloud by yourself.

Reading page: U1 不想睡觉Reading Fluency

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

1.  打电话给你的朋友,和你的朋友一起读课文。Call/Face Time your friend, read the text with your friend, or play different roles in the story and read the text.

2. 听故事:“我的一天”。回答问题:Listen to the story “My day” and answer questions:

  • 他早上做什么?what did he do in the morning?
  • 他中午做什么?what did he do at noon?
  • 他晚上做什么?what did he do at night?

Daily Writing:

请你用“睡不着,上午”分别造句。Please use each word to make a full sentence.

1. 睡不着shuì bù zháo:_______________________。

例子Example: 很晚了,我睡不着,我想要看书。

2. 上午 shàng wǔ: ______________________。

例子Example: 明天上午我要去学校上课。

Share 分享:

1. 把“大卫去学校”这个故事读给你的家人。Read Chinese version”David goes to school” to your family.