4th Grade Unit 1 Lesson 3

Lecture free icon 第五周第四课:不想睡觉 Don’t Want To Go To Bed

Learning free iconQuick Write 快速写作:


回答:在一年里,我最喜欢_____月_____ 日。因为________________________。

 Learning Intentions 中文目标:

  • 1. 我可以回答快速sù写作✏️的问题。
  • 2. 我可以认真听老师读课文,理解课文里的大意。
  • 3. 我可以在跟老师一起读课文的时候,回答老师提出课文中的问题。
  • 4. 我可以理解课文里新的中文单词,帮助我理解课文的意思。
  • 5. 我可以用“起床,早饭”造句。

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1. I can answer the question for the Quick Write.

2. I can listen to the teacher read the story carefully, and try my best to understand the main idea of the story.

3. I can read aloud with the teacher and answer the questions about what happened in the story.

4. I can use context and background knowledge to understand the new vocabulary.

5. I can use “起床” to make full sentence.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

1. 老师做👩‍🏫 Teach

First Video: Learning Objectives 

Second Video: Listen to the teacher read the story with vocabulary support.

Learning free icon Engage 你做:Nearpod Reading Comprehension Activity 课文阅读理解练习

Daily Writing:

writing journal page-template

writing journal page-sample

请你用“起床,早饭”分别造句。Please use each word to make a full sentence.

1. 起床qǐ chuáng:_____________________。

例子Example: 我每天八点起床,然后吃早饭。

2. 早饭 zǎo fàn:_______________________。

例子Example: 我早饭吃鸡蛋🥚和面包🍞,还有喝牛奶🥛。

Share 分享:1. 和你的家人分享你听到的“我的一天”。  Share the story “My day” with your family.