1st Grade Unit 5 Lesson 1

Lecture free icon 第五周第五课:生日吃的喝的  Birthday Food and Drinks

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1. I can share some things I do and don’t like to eat and drink.

2. I can ask others what they like or don’t like to eat and drink.

3. I can tell the food and drinks I have on my birthday, and ask what foods another person has on their birthday.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

Create A Birthday Story

Materials: blank paper, markers or crayons

1. Fold and unfold your paper in half crosswise and lengthwise to make fold marks so there are 4 squares.

2. Square One: Draw a picture of you and the number for the month of your birthday. ‘My birthday is in _____.’

3. Square Two: Write the number for how old you will be on your birthday, and draw the same or different number of balloons. ‘I’m ___years old. I have ____ balloons.’

4. Square Three: Draw some of the foods you’d like to eat for your birthday that you’ve learned how to say. ‘I like to eat….’. . ‘(Food name) tastes delicious!’

5. Square Four: Draw what drink(s) you’d like to have for your birthday. ‘I like to drink….’ .  ‘I like birthdays!’

Practice following the pictures and describing them in Chinese using the prompts that are written here in English. Review from the lesson videos if you get stuck! Then tell the story to a family member.

Share 分享:

Here are two videos to share about birthdays in China. 

Video #1: Chinese cakes are usually more like sponge cakes and use a whipped cream type of frosting. What else do you notice about this cake that might be different than what you’re used to? Ask your family members what their favorite kind of cake is.


Video #2: Have you ever had a surprise party for your birthday? How did it feel? Is there someone your family could do  a birthday surprise for?