1st Grade Unit 4 Lesson 2

Lecture free icon 第四周第二课:秋天的颜色  Fall Colors

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

  • I can say the name of a Fall month.
  • I can describe 3 colors of leaves.
  • I can share what colors of leaves I like.
  • I can identify big and little leaves.
  • I can share which family members like Fall and their favorite color of leaves.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

Collect at least 10-12 leaves from outside, OR draw a picture of 10-12 leaves of different sizes, using the colors that you learned today. You may cut them out if you wish.  Then:

1) Count all the leaves together out loud. 

2) Count out loud saying how many there are of each color.   

3) Count out loud saying how many big leaves there are.

4) Count out loud saying how many small leaves there are.

5) Challenge: Try to say how many big and small leaves there are of each color.

OPTION: With your parent’s help, use a device to record a message of yourself saying, “I like the Fall!” in Chinese to share with someone.

Share 分享:

Teach your family the word for ‘leaves’ in Chinese, and tell them what your favorite thing to do with leaves is. Share the video about making music with leaves on slide 4. If there are leaves at your house, see if you can try to make music like the man in the video!

BONUS: Learning and reciting poetry from the Tang Dynasty long ago, is still part of traditional Chinese education. Here is a poem that is connected to the Fall that is very famous and often the very first poem that children learn. Learning these poems helps children be able to develop very good pronunciation. You might want to try too! This is called ‘Thoughts on a Peaceful Night’, and is about someone who is looking at the moon and thinking of his family far away.

Here is a quieter version with an English translation, as well as 1 verse sung in Cantonese!