1st Grade Unit 3 Lesson 5

Lecture free icon 第三周第一课:Review of Numbers 数字 and Family Members 家人

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

1. I can count from 1-10.

2. I can introduce family members and pets by their title, using the correct measure word and saying, ‘This is my..”.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:


Learning free icon Engage 你做:


Use a deck of playing cards and pull out 2 sets of 10 cards with the numbers 1-10 OR make 2 sets of notecards with the numbers 1-10 on one side.

Spread the cards out so you can’t see the numbers, and then turn over 2 at a time to try to find a match. Say the number on the card each time you turn one over. You can also play this with a family member!

Share 分享:

1. Teach your family members the Chinese hand signals for numbers 1-10.

2. Teach your family members the counting song, ‘Shu Yi Shu’ from this lesson.

3. Ask each of your family members if they have a lucky number and write it down in Chinese if you can!