1st Grade Unit 2 Lesson 3

Lecture free icon 第二周第三课:我爱我的家 I Love My Family (Expressing love for family members)

Goal free icon Success Criteria 成功标准:

I can express that I love my family members by using the sentence frame: I love my Mom/Dad.

Think free icon Learn 老师做:

Learning free icon Engage 你做:

Nearpod Activity

Answer free iconJournal 写字练习:

How to write “Family”家

  • Grab a white board and marker or a pencil and paper.
  • The “Family” character started from a drawing of a pig in a house. How would you draw a pig in a house?  Draw your own pig in a house and create your own simple Chinese character!

Share 分享:

1. 教你的家人 关于“家”的故事。Share the story about the character ‘家’ with your family, using your pig and house picture to help!
2. 画一画你的家人,说一说你怎么尊重你的爸爸和妈妈。Draw a picture and share with your parents about how you show your respect to them.