AUDII 2019

This training is required for ALL NEW and SECOND YEAR teachers. 
International teachers please plan your return flights accordingly!
Registration and training location info will be forthcoming. 
ELEMENTARY (Grades 1-6)
  • St. George Area Teachers
    • July 29- Aug 2–  Grades 1-6 NEW & second-year teachers
                          All 6th grade teachers new MMX training (1 day only*)
                               *Exact date will be decided by district
  • Wasatch Front Area Teachers
    • Aug 5,6,8,9   Grades 1-6 NEW Teachers
    • Aug 7,9         Grades 1-6 Second-year teachers
    • Aug 9            ALL 6th grade teachers (New MMX Intermediate 3 curriculum )
SECONDARY (Grades 7-9)
  • St. George Area Teachers
    • July 29-Aug 2  7th-8th  Schedule to be decided by district.
  • Wasatch Front Area Teachers
    • Aug 5,6,8,9    Grades 7-9   New and second-year teachers
    • Aug 6             Grades 7-8   All teachers  (curriculum adjustment training)
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